End of Life Doula Services LLC

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How we help...

Are you wondering how to support a loved one with a terminal diagnosis?

Have you received a terminal diagnosis?

Are you wondering how to improve your end of life experience?

It's time to remove as much fear as possible from the dying process. 

End of Life Doula Services can help. If you want to die at home, why not create a plan that will provide you and your loved ones with a clear "how-to" outline detailing the kind of support you want? Being thoughtful about what you want feels good and brings a sense of peace and calm to all involved.

We offer workshops for group conversations, with focus workshops committed to vigil planning and legacy projects.

If you need immediate support, please call. We'll be able to talk about which services best support you in this moment. 

We offer private sessions for conversation, vigil planning and legacy projects.

If exhaustion is setting in, we offer in home support during the active dying phase and respite for family and friend caregivers. Please call now to see how we can support you.