End of Life Doula Services LLC

For those who wish to die at home, the path can be confusing. End of Life Doula Services can provide calming support and direction.

​​Initial 15 minute "getting to know you" phone call: $0

30 minute phone planning on topics of your choice: $20

-We are trained in phone coaching/planning. This can be a cost effective way to bring support into your house on your terms.  

One hour in-home Vigil Planning session: $50

-Will travel in a 10 mile radius from office for free. See below for explanation of Vigil Plan.

One hour in-home Legacy project planning session: $50

-Will travel in a 10 mile radius from office for free.

In home Vigil support during active dying phase: $125 per 4 hour session.

-We can meet with you and determine which periods of the day you need the most support and schedule according to your needs. We'll do our best to ensure that a doula is with you during the last hours of active dying. This is not a period to fear or to rush through. The doula will be there to guide and support you and your loved ones.

Follow up home Vigil support sessions will be charged at $80 per 4 hour period.

We accept Paypal. Cash for services provided in home is acceptable.

Basic End-of-Life Doula Package-up to 20 hours of Doula services - $650

Included in the package:

1. Initial consultation to determine how to best support the dying and their family. -By phone or in person
2. Home visits or phone appointments on an ongoing basis, according to the scheduling wishes of the client, during which any of the following services can be provided:
-Emotional, spiritual and/or physical support
-Life review
-Creation of Vigil Plan
-Assistance with developing Legacy Project
-Letter writing
-Guided special place visualization development
-Support of family members and loved ones as directed by Client
-Phone support as directed by Client
3. As the disease progresses and transition begins (determined by hospice/medical team), I will visit daily for at least one hour as necessary (determined by Client/Client Caregiver). I will mentor the family on how to utilize the Vigil Plan (if created) and check in to see where support is needed.
4. Daily support will continue through the active dying time until death occurs. Length of time per visit will be on an as needed and as available basis. 
Note: If the transition and active dying period require additional hours beyond the 20 hours provided for in the Basic End-of-Life Doula Package, Client and/or Client Caregiver agree to pay an hourly rate of $25. 

Six Hour "Get to know you" Series: $150

Three 2-hour sessions in a place of your choosing. Your private home, coffee shop, End of Life Doula Services home office.

-Experience shows us that when a doula has the opportunity to spend time with the dying person while they still have energy to talk a relationship can develop. This relationship allows the doula to be more effective during the active dying phase. Trust is established between the doula and the dying, personal knowledge facilitates the effective use of Special Place Visualization to manage pain and anxiety. It also allows the doula to facilitate emotional movement when the dying person encounters emotional distress (often unknown by the family).

​Private Doula Services

End of Life Doula Services has created a series of 3 workshops that are structured to walk a group of people through a gentle conversation that is focused on deepening meaning, fostering connection and determining what "your" personal good death looks like. Just as every person is unique, so will end of life wishes be unique. We bring 18 years of group facilitations skills to these workshops. If your group is ready to explore this topic and expand personal thinking, don't miss out!

One hour workshop-max 20 people: $225

Workshop series: 

1. What does a "Good Death" look like?

-We will use quotes and reflections from leaders in the field of end of life care to examine what we really are thinking when we say "good death". This conversation is perfect for a group setting as many differing ideas will be brought up and discussed. This will be a safe space for conversation, no cross-talking or "telling" others what to do or think. We will wonder, together.

2. The Vigil Plan-Creating a blueprint for a meaningful, intentional active dying.

-A vigil plan is a document that is created by each individual. This document addresses how the individual wants to be treated during the last few weeks of life. One thing that dying people want is a continuing sense of wonder in their lives. We support this wish by questioning how we want our senses engaged in our final days, and creating a directive for loved ones to follow. No one who loves you will have to wonder how you want to be engaged. You will have already done the work, this allows time together to be very true to you, honest and healing.

3. Legacy-How will I be remembered?

-Uncover ways to share the stories that evoke a sense of home and connectedness. Don't let this one scare you! There is a way to share what you want to share in a way that is true to you and your energy and interest level! Some of these projects can be incorporated into the Vigil Plan.

Group Session Offerings