End of Life Doula Services LLC


Letter Writing

Letter writing is a straight-forward, meaningful way to provide a legacy element for your family. Taking half an hour to work with an end of life doula to create a personal letter to a loved one is time well spent for both the writer and the family member. Leaving your thoughts, big or small, personal, philosophical or faith based, for family members to engage with over and over allows relationships to deepen, even after your death. It also eases end of life anxiety, knowing you've said your piece. 

With this special offer, you can dictate a letter over the phone that will be hand written on plain stationary and mailed to the address you designate. Gentle prompting and questioning will guide you in expressing your feelings if this is challenging for you.

A copy of the letter will be mailed to you upon request.

Phone called will be scheduled via phone or e-mail through End Of Life Doula Services website.

This is a perfect gift to give to a family member facing a terminal diagnosis. It's also a great gift for your aging family members who may be challenged with the physical aspects of writing.‚Äč

Length of Call