Examples of awarenesses gained by residents of a CCRC in Milwaukie Oregon after a Vigil Planning workshop.

Question: One new thing I learned today was:

-Not new, but a strong re-affirmation that I have work to do to prepare for my death - both for myself and for my family.

-Need to approach end of life for self and others

-Legacy project value for me and loved ones.  Please have her back for one hour to talk more about legacy project.

-Being intentional about that I would like.

-Importance of organizing emotional as well as legal and medical final plans.

-The value of having a vigil plan

-Importance of doing a plan.

-My legacy is important

-The book and video by Jenkinsen.  Broadened my ideas about what to include in my vigil plan.

-The value of having an actual vigil document to help family, friends, and providers help me in my last hours.

-There are options for the circumstances around your death.

-The importance of creating a vigil planning worksheet.

Vigil Planning Workshop Feeback

"If you realize that you have the need for reassurance on life and tender loving company, ask Christine to come into your home and your heart. Christine will help you understand the kind, soft workings of your being. She will let you open up and make you feel good about yourself. Christine is an absolute blessing that you will be thankful to share." -testamonial written by hospice patient NB 9/2016

As an example of the kind of personal work that happens at an End of Life Doula Workshop please note the responses from hospice volunteer inservice participants on the feedback form.

"Please choose three words that describe your experience today."

-insightful, enlightening, reflective,

-informative, comforting, encouraging,

-informed, moved,

-timely, familiar, hopeful,

-interesting, thought-provoking,

-peace, love, joy,

-caring, deep, kind

"On a scale of 1-5, 5=very comfortable and 1=very uncomfortable, how comfortable were you with the conversation?










"It made me uncomfortable in a beautiful way."

Private Doula Services Feedback

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